Fight Like a Girl... and Win
Self defense decisions for women

Don't Be a Victim

Seven Tips for Instant Self-Defense Empowerment
  • Give yourself permission. Allow yourself to use self-defense on any attacker, even if that person turns out to be an acquaintance, friend, relative, or co-worker.
  • Study the enemy. Learn all you can about today’s assault criminals - who they are, how and where they strike, and what they are willing to do to their victims.
  • Realize that you are your own bodyguard. Your husband, boyfriend, or local police force may not be around to help you - always decide to rely on yourself.
  • Watch and recognize the three ways men attack women.
    • Sneak-up
    • Cozy-up
    • ambush
  • Trust and act upon your intuition and instincts. Your gut feelings are useless without follow-through, so decide to become physically active and respond when that “little voice” alerts you to potential jeopardy.
  • React and move out of harm’s way. When danger strikes, don’t freeze – instead, break through your fear with instant mobility. Run – as far away and as fast as you can.
  • Empower yourself with your self-defense decisions. Strengthen your safety measures by making all of your personal security choices now, before the bad guy shows up.


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An example of a predator waiting for a victim.

Predators can be waiting anywhere. Be prepared to protect yourself.

Predator attacks through car window.
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