Fight Like a Girl... and Win
Self Defense Decisions for Women

Protect Yourself—You Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Attacks happen quickly and no two fight scenarios will ever be the same. But there is one thing that a victim of any assault can count on: She's just run out of time. It is vital that she responds immediately with confidence and strong counterattack measures. That's why all of her defense decisions must be made now, before the bad guy shows up.

Protect Your Employees and Co-Workers

executive self defense workshopsHelp protect and retain your company’s most valuable assets—its employees. Offer the self-defense training that teaches empowerment and numerous personal security options.

Lori will attend conferences to speak and instruct your employees and their female family members “quick and dirty” self-defense tricks with the tools of the trade—the cell phone, the high heels, the palm of your hand. Learn extreme, multilayered awareness tactics.  Practice being active instead of reactive in order to save your life. Create your own safety rules, boundary lines, and escape routes.  Discover “mad-dogging”. Change your life with the power of your own decisions.

Don't Wait Until You Are a Victim

Order Fight Like a Girl...and Win, Lori Hartman Gervasi developed the book Fight Like a Girl... and Win to help readers examine and make empowering decisions about their personal security.

Her book is packed with powerful tools for safe living.  Charged with energy, backed by documented statistics, and seasoned with anecdotes and positive quotations, the ugly practice of violence against women finally gets its well-deserved kick to the curb. What woman wouldn’t want to join that fight?

Unexpected events happen every day.  Don’t wait until you are a victim. Learn how to defend yourself now! 

“This book stands strong against a 5 million-year history of violence against women. Lori Hartman Gervasi tells you exactly how to choose safety over victimization.”
~Gavin de Becker
Security Expert and New York Times bestselling author
The Gift of Fear and Just2Seconds

Could you protect yourself during a violent attack?
Photo by Priscilla Iezzi

Lori Hartman Gervasi's mission is to save women’s lives. With a black belt in Karate and a background in writing and producing for Los Angeles television, she is uniquely qualified to help you Fight Like a Girl and Win! More...

Self Defense Expert Lori Hartman Gervasi

What's News?

October 30, 2011

Guest Speaker
University of La Verne, La Vergne, CA
Presenting self-defense techniques to campus sororities.
(private event)

November 2011

In E-BOOK formats
St. Martin's Press will release the ebook edition of Fight Like a Girl...and Win for purchase online. I will post links as soon as they are live.

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